Cam Reimers Motorsports Expands Program for 2014

Ogden, IA (November 1, 2013)
Ian HarrisCam Reimers Motorsports is proud to announce their newest addition to the team, Ian Harris. The Galena, Illinois native will be piloting a second Pro-Lite alongside Cam Reimers in the 2014 TORC Series. Ian is the owner of SSI Decals ( ), a renowned graphics company specializing in the off-road industry. SSI Decals has been a major sponsor of Reimers throughout the years and is excited to position itself with them again at a premier level.

The young team owner and fellow driver, Reimers, was ecstatic when asked about the news. “To have a great friend and successful business owner put his trust in us like Ian has definitely means a lot. He brings a great fan following to our team which is a huge asset. Almost everyone in off-road industry, whether it be dirt bikes, ATV’s, snowmobiles, or side by sides, has heard of SSI Decals. They have had such success in those industries and have most recently been focusing effort towards auto racing. It will be exciting to see how their involvement helps our team and their brand grow.”

With the addition of another truck will also come the addition of a new race hauler. Owned by Ian Harris, you can bet the new rig will be accommodated by an “eye popping” decal wrap to showcase the team’s great sponsors. You can also catch the newly hired crew members wrenching on the two Pro-Lites at the CRM team’s headquarters located outside Ogden, Iowa.

The expansion of the team added with the new venues that will be visited across the country for the 2014 TORC Series has everyone in the CRM camp filled with promise. “I think I can speak for Ian when I say we both know how fortunate we are,” said Reimers. “It’s nice to step away from the business part of it and take it all in every once in a while.”

If you are in attendance at any of the races next year, be sure to swing by the Cam Reimers Motorsports pit and see Cam and Ian!

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